Egkomi / Nicosia ID: PFS16850

Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood of Nicosia,(engomi area) walking distance from both the American,Russian,Egyptian and other Embassies and also the headquarters of leading Cyprus and International companies. The project makes the best of its corner location by creating two separate volumes allowing the apartments privacy of view, with the advantage of Southern orientation for their sweeping verandas. 

The two volumes have the luxury of individual vertical circulation. This is achieved on the ground level by a spacious garden lobby covered with a green trellis, leading to the individual lobbies, with a circulation tower wrapped in vertical screening elements allowing light and air. The use of a garden lobby also allows the complex to be set back from the road adding to its privacy, with separate access to the garden apartment. 

The  B' block building has four floors, one at ground level and three upper floors. Each floor consists of an apartment of three bedrooms, with the first-floor apartment having the advantage of a covered veranda extending to an open terrace. On the fourth floor the penthouse apartment has exclusive use, part of the roof garden. 

The adjoining A"building also has a pivate lobby. It has three upper floors with two apartments of two bedrooms per floor, easily convertible to four bedroom apartments by connecting the two apartments.The penthouse apartment has part of the roof garden , for exclusive use. 
Parking is under the pilotis, with access to the lobbies and individual storage units for each apartment. 
Various screens of different materials are used throughout the building to aid in the individual levels of privacy for the  individual apartments and common spaces. Cladding in stone and wood is used in order to exude a feeling of domesticity.

Property ID Title Price
NF16869 A101-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16870 A102-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16871 A201-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16872 A202-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16873 A301-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16874 B001-Unique Ground floor Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Call For Price
NF16875 B101-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16876 B201-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold
NF16877 B301-Unique Apartment in Egkomi for Sale Sold